Healthcare Systems and Certifications

OCA Group measures and shares with the world the best practice solutions related to quality in healthcare center and patient safety. We provide excellence and innovative solutions that help healthcare organizations to improve performance and to consolidate results in all environments.

OCA has developed the ultimate international quality standards which have a real impact on the center performance. OCA experience, technology and consultant teams have analyzed, studied and **identified** every single area of a healthcare center and they have evaluated its impact on patient safety and healthcare quality. Our standards are focused on those **crucial areas** that impact directly on the final service delivery.

The **medical specialization**, the backgrounds richness and the international exposure of our consultant teams guarantee that OCA can face any exigent challenges and complex problems that our client might have.

Healthcare Systems and Certifications OCA

We can provide

Institutional Healthcare Accreditation

Institutional Healthcare Accreditation

Provides Healthcare Centers the tool to identify the key areas of improvement and to define the best investment and quality policies, which guarantees the highest impact on the final service provided. This outcome is achieved through the Health Quality Algorithm System (HQAS) which numerically quantifies the level of quality of each of the studied departments. The system compares the results obtained by the center with the industry average, allowing Healthcare centers to know its relative level of quality.

Achieving OCA accreditation demonstrates your commitment to safety and high quality care. It helps to improve your organization’s visibility with networks and payor. It reduces your organization’s risk exposure and provides an opportunity to negotiate lower liability insurance rates. OCA accreditation may help your organization attract and retain qualified staff as well as help your business stand out when the patients are seeking a facility for their care.

The accreditation services offered are:

  • Primary Healthcare Accreditation: evaluate those centers that provide basic medical service.
  • Secondary Healthcare Accreditation: evaluate those centers that provide an advanced medical service, including major surgeries (excluding transplant or cardiothoracic surgery)
  • Super-specialty Healthcare Accreditation: evaluate those centers that provide advanced medical service, including major surgeries and specialties.
Competence Certification

Competence Certification

The competences certificates were born with one unique objective: guarantee that any certified center has an accepted expertise level in a determinate competence. There is a minimum range of competence that any single center around the globe must ensure to its patients without exception. Those minimum ranges of competence are needed to obtain minimum levels of patient safety and quality level on your center. OCA Competence certificates identify any deficiency on one of those heath care competences and improve them. The certificates help the center to transmit to its patients a guarantee of being attended in a safe health care center.

The certification services:

  1. Biological Waste Management: certifies the center’ processes to manage Biomedical wastes, ensuring a safety environment.
  2. Fire and Safety: certifies the center competence to face an internal or external fire emergency situation.
  3. Medical Ethics: certifies the center’s policy regarding to patient treatment and medical behavior.
  4. Hygiene and Safety: certifies the center hygiene policies in order to control and prevent potential infections.
  5. Eco-Friendly: certifies the medical activity of the center being respectful with the environment.
Personnel Cerification

Personnel Cerification

OCA Healthcare Personnel Certificates is a guarantee for the Healthcare centers to hire competent professionals. OCA certifications transmit to the patients the tranquility of being attended by contrasted professional experts, ensuring the patients’ trust on the center.

The certificates are formed by international standards that objectively evaluate health care competence and aptitudes. The candidates who successfully pass the competence, knowledge and aptitudes exams will receive the international recognition.

  1. ICD – 10 Coder: evaluates the personnel knowledge of the International Classification of Diseases listed by the WHO.
  2. Body guards: evaluates the skills and knowledge of the body guards in the health care centers.
  3. Healthcare transport driver: evaluates the skills of the healthcare transport drivers.
  4. Nursing assistants: evaluates the skills and knowledge of the nursing assistants.
  5. Laboratory technicians: evaluates the skills and knowledge of laboratory technicians.
  6. Image technicians: evaluate the skills and knowledge of the image technicians.
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