Industrial Processes

Industrial Processes OCA

The construction and commissioning of new industrial plants requires a high degree of control to ensure that the objectives of quality, safety, and planned investment are made and get in the desired term.

This kind of projects, usually needs not only Non-Destructive Testing or Shop and Site Inspection, but also qualified and experienced professionals who coordinate, foresee difficulties and inform to the management about technical solutions in time. From OCA Group we work every day to have the best professionals on-board. Our services cover the entire life cycle of your plant, factory or facility.

Having an adequate maintenance of the already existing industrial plants is also key for its correct functioning as well as health and safety. Our services are designed to ensure maximum yield, optimum operational efficiency and reduced cost through maintenance downtime.

Quality issues during fabrication and site assembly can hinder compliance with relevant standards and regulations. We help you in assuring the quality and conformity during the construction, installation and commissioning phases.

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