Quality Control and Inspection

Quality Control and Inspection
The construction and commissioning of new energy, chemical, oil or industrial plants requires a high degree of control to ensure that the objectives of quality, safety, and planned investment are made and get in the desired term. This kind of projects usually needs not only Non Destructive Testing or Shop and Site Inspection, but also qualified and experienced professionals who coordinate, foresee difficulties and inform to the management about technical solutions in time. From OCA International we work every day to have the best professionals on-board. We have organized our services and resources to meet that demand.
We organize tailored highly qualified teams for each project in order to work in full collaboration with engineering, EPC, purchasing or quality control teams. We always assess the project compliance with the planned requirements and add value in form of advising from new possible emerging risks. Quality issues during fabrication and site assembly can hinder compliance with relevant standards and regulations. We help you in assuring the quality and conformity during the construction, installation and commissioning phases. Our services ensure that your project is built in compliance with relevant standards and as per the planned project schedule.

We can provide

Industrial Project 360º Assistance

Industrial Project 360º Assistance

From OCA Group, we are specialists in delivering complete tailored and innovative industrial testing and inspection solutions to clients in partnership.

We provide customized full Quality Control and NDT highly qualified teams on-site for any industrial projects in any country in the world.

The key to our success in Industrial Project 360º Assistance is our extensive worldwide experience in this kind of projects and our service devotion. Also working in full collaboration with engineering, EPC, purchasing or quality control teams. We always assess the project compliance with the planned requirements and add value both technically and advising from new possible emerging risks.

We can support you during the whole life cycle of your industrial project and value chain of your products and components.

We can help you from the design and supply chain phase to the construction, commissioning and maintenance phases.

Our services include but are not limited to feasibility and bankability studies, Shop Inspection and Expediting, Testing of industrial Components, Health and Safety, Advanced and Conventional Non-Destructive Testing, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Project Management, Technical Assistance, Statutory Inspections, etc.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Quality assurance and quality control services assure the quality of all materials, structures, components and systems utilized in the construction, manufacturing and operation of your industrial facilities. It also ensures full compliance with all relevant quality standards and regulations avoiding costly defects, delays and mitigating risk due to failure.

Our quality assurance and quality control services help you ensure compliance with all contractual specifications, mandatory regulations and quality standards by verifying materials, parts and final products through independent checks, audits and inspections.

Our QA/QC Services can cover any kind of industry, including construction and shipping but also consumer products or commodities.

We can provide both Off-Site or On-Site Quality Assurance/Quality Control services:

Off-site QA/QC

  • Definition of QA/QC program.
  • Performance of pre-award or pre-qualification surveys, including a complete review of the suppliers’ QA program to meet government or purchaser requirements.
  • Review of the design, specifications, drawings and specified standards to ensure compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Formal equipment audits at the premises of your engineering, constructor, manufacturer or sub-supplier – before and during manufacture.

On-site QA/QC

  • Quality Assurance of the organizations involved in the construction, manufacture and operation of your facility.
  • Review of specifications, procedures and specified standards utilized on the construction site.
  • Monitoring materials testing.
  • Inspection, witnessing or verification to establish the quality of a material, structure or system during manufacturing.
  • Monitoring storage methods and preventive maintenance systems of plant equipment before and during installation.
Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

(Oil and Chemical Plants)

With OCA Risk Based Inspection services unplanned shutdowns of oil or chemical plants can be minimized or avoided.

RBI is used to identify and understand risk drivers to prioritize inspection-related activities, usually by means of nondestructive examination (NDE) to reduce the uncertainties around the true damage state of the equipment and the dynamics leading to such. The resulting inspection plan outlines the type and scheduling of inspection for an asset. In addition to NDE, additional risk mitigation activities identified by a RBI assessment might include a change in material of construction, installation of corrosion resistant liners, operating condition changes, injection of corrosion inhibition chemicals, etc.

We work with clients to implement Risk-Based Inspections (RBI), minimizing downtimes and ensuring equipment longevity for oil and chemical plants. Analysis of fixed equipment, piping, pipelines, and pressure relief devices at your facility using an RBI approach can increase the effectiveness of your mechanical integrity inspection program while minimizing risk to Health, Safety and the Environment (HS&E) and maximizing resource utilization.

International engineering standards and practices that relate to risk-based inspection include API RP 580 and 581, ASME PCC-3, and RIMAP. API RP 580 is an example of the minimum guidelines for implementation of an effective, credible RBI program. API RP 581 is an example of an RBI methodology's technical basis.

Key Benfits
  • A more cost-effective alternative to traditional inspection, usually by means of nondestructive testing.
  • More reliable equipment and plant operation.
  • Identification of the operational risks associated with equipment via material degradation.
  • Adherence to codes of compliance resulting in increased safety.
  • Reduction in plant downtime.
  • Items with a high probability of failure and subsequent impact are given a higher priority for inspection than items that are of low impact, allowing for a more rational application of inspection resources.
Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

In a global industrialized environment, access to high-level expertise is vital in order to analyze and resolve critical situations that may threaten the asset’s ultimate quality or availability.

With our extensive experience across a large range of assets, we are able to assist you in all technical aspects of your industrial project.

From OCA Group we have a multi-disciplinary teams of experts, present in major industrial countries, who specialize in metallurgy, welding, transportation, asset installation, lifting & rotating equipment, pressure vessels and more.


Licensing and permits support

Due Diligence for industrial assets

Advanced and Conventional NDT ultimate techniques and procedures

Life extension and remaining life studies

Corrosion analysis and remedial processes

Gap analysis in regard to international standards

Fatigue studies

Testing and Inspection

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) (LINK)

Quality Control and Expediting

Welding certification assistance (AWS, EN 1090-1)

Rotating machinery

Pressure containment systems (vessels, pipes, etc.)


Inspections and audits

Technical Staffing Services

Technical Staffing Services

To meet the technical staffing demands of complex projects, energy, engineering and construction companies need to recruit experienced technical specialists. For highly specialized skillsets, recruitment activities will often be global. Companies may also have an obligation to employ local expertise where possible.

As a global operator with extensive experience in recruiting highly qualified and experienced technical personnel for the world’s largest energy, engineering and construction companies in the world, we have the reputation to attract high quality, highly qualified candidates.

As a global supplier with strong local networks, we are in a position to understand local challenges, and we have the ability to apply global solutions. We find the best candidates, provide logistical and technical support at every stage of recruitment and employment, and work to nurture positive long-term relationships between our customers and our talent.

Having the right people at the right time and the right place is critical for project success. Utilizing our worldwide technical staffing services will allow you to focus on your core business while reducing recruitment time and expense.

We are able to supply:

  • API 510/570/653 Certified Inspectors
  • AWS Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI)
  • NACE and FROSIO Certified Inspectors
  • NDT Level II and III RX/RT/UT/MT/PT Certified Technicians
  • Experienced Engineering Personnel
  • Document Control Staffing and Services
  • Turnaround and Shutdown Inspection Support
  • Project/Construction Management Support
  • New Construction Project Support
  • Health & Safety Management/Specialists
  • Process Safety Management (PSM) Programs and Implementation
  • ATEX/COMPEX Electrical Inspectors
  • Asset Integrity Inspectors
Construction and Commissioning Support

Construction and Commissioning Support

Assuring the quality and conformity during the construction, installation and commissioning phase is critical to the success of your project. Quality issues during fabrication and site assembly can hinder compliance with relevant standards and regulations.

As an independent and highly qualified inspection body, OCA Group provides you with a wide range of services during site preparation, construction, installation and commissioning phases. These services aim at ensuring that your project is built in compliance with relevant standards and as per the planned project schedule.

Our Construction & Commissioning services include but not limited to:

  • Quality monitoring of site preparation
  • All Assurance Processes related to preparation, fit up, welding of metallic structures, etc.
  • Site quality control of the installation of pressure vessels, machinery, E&I equipment
  • Dimensional checks
  • Pre-commissioning
  • Plant Commissioning
Supply Chain Inspection Services

Supply Chain Inspection Services

As an independent and highly qualified inspection body with an expansive global presence, OCA International provides you with a complete and integrated solution for your Supply Chain.

Supply Chain Inspection Services are aimed at ensuring that during the procurement phase, your vendors and suppliers will deliver the desired level of quality, required compliance to standards and will do so in an efficient and timely manner.

The main activity is the supply of desk, shop, and/or project site inspection or expediting services to the Oil & Gas, Petro Chemical, Power Generation, Mining, Transportation, Process, Marine and other such industries.

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