Supply Chain Inspection Services

As an independent and highly qualified inspection body with an expansive global presence, OCA International provides you with a complete and integrated solution for your Supply Chain.

Supply Chain Services are aimed at ensuring that during the procurement phase, your vendors and suppliers will deliver the desired level of quality, required compliance to standards and will do so in an efficient and timely manner.

Any purchase carries embedded risk. In most industrial sectors, large construction projects involve the purchase of a vast number of items supplied by various manufacturers. Quality and safety are a priority for these projects. Therefore, it is of vital importance to check the quality of every single item, no matter how small. These components range from raw materials to finished products.

The main activity is the supply of desk, shop, and/or project site inspection or expediting services to the Oil & Gas, Petro Chemical, Power Generation, Mining, Transportation, Process, Marine and other such industries.

We can provide

Vendor Shop Inspection

Vendor Shop Inspection

Shop Inspection involves inspecting items at their place of manufacture before delivery. This is the most convenient and cost-effective way to determine whether a product, service, process, piece of equipment or installation complies with expressed needs, customer expectations, applicable regulations, standards or other specific requirements. Shop inspection can include design review, review of material certificates, visual inspection, Non Destructive Testing (NDT), attendance, supervision or performance of mechanical or functional tests. Often can also include witnessing of final reception testing.

Key Benfits
  • Risks linked to Quality and safety problems with supplies can be avoided.
  • Independent assessments provide reassurance.
  • Detailed reports and certificates secures confidence in using supplied items.
  • Services are a cost effective solution to verifying the Quality Assurance/Quality Control organizations of suppliers.
  • Skilled personnel with relevant experience and qualifications are at your service.
Site inspection

Site inspection

Once the equipment is delivered to site, OCA Group supervises the different construction, installation and commissioning aspects to ensure that the asset is properly installed, and is capable of operating within the safety Conditions determined by the client's Specifications, local and International codes and government guidelines.



This service appears with the need of the purchasing department to monitor the progress of manufacturing in relation to quantity, quality, packaging, compliance with standards, deadlines and delivery place.

Expediting, therefore, is one of the major activities contributing to the successful execution of major projects; it enables the site construction work to proceed as scheduled and helps to minimize delays and costly product deficiency issues. In those large-scale projects, such as refineries or power plants, delay caused by late delivery or low quality grade can represent an incalculable cost impact on the project.

Expediting requires detailed and quantified analysis of causes and effects throughout the critical path of fabrication of a given piece of equipment, from ordering to delivery. This includes Order (or procurement) status and Delivery Schedules; Inventory of equipment in stock; Design verifications; Progress in Manufacturing, Testing, Packing, Shipment and Delivery. Our inspection personnel manage all the quality activities relating to equipment, materials and commodities in order to ensure that vendors’ obligations meet Purchase Order requirements and contractual delivery terms.

Our expeditors always provide real-time and transparent data to our clients and verify that purchasing specifications have been properly understood and applied on-site.

Correct implementation of vendor expediting is essential for construction planning as timely delivery of equipment and materials reduces potential penalties in not meeting construction completion dates. Our expeditors conduct physical verification of the vendor’s progress against identified milestones to assure completion is in line with the production plan. OCA International has a wide international inspectors network facilitating the coordination of global expediting activities. Our expediting experts support projects within the following industries:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Power & Utilities
  • Wind Energy
  • Solar Energy
  • Infrastructure
Key Benfits
  • In time identification of threats and bottlenecks thanks to expediting visits.
  • Recognition and elimination of critical deviations in early phase.
  • Avoidance of late deliveries and hence penalties.
  • Support in achieving settled milestone payments.
  • Minimize costly product deficiency issues.
  • Assurance of company reliability and integrity.
  • Better communication between client and suppliers.
Technical Staffing Services

Technical Staffing Services

To meet the technical staffing demands of complex projects, energy, engineering and construction companies need to recruit experienced technical specialists. For highly specialized skillsets, recruitment activities will often be global. Companies may also have an obligation to employ local expertise where possible.

As a global operator with extensive experience in recruiting highly qualified and experienced technical personnel for the world’s largest energy, engineering and construction companies in the world, we have the reputation to attract high quality, highly qualified candidates.

As a global supplier with strong local networks, we are in a position to understand local challenges, and we have the ability to apply global solutions. We find the best candidates, provide logistical and technical support at every stage of recruitment and employment, and work to nurture positive long-term relationships between our customers and our talent.

Having the right people at the right time and the right place is critical for project success. Utilizing our worldwide technical staffing services will allow you to focus on your core business while reducing recruitment time and expense.

We are able to supply:

  • We are able to supply:
  • API 510/570/653 Certified Inspectors
  • AWS Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI)
  • NACE and FROSIO Certified Inspectors
  • NDT Level II and III RX/RT/UT/MT/PT Certified Technicians
  • Experienced Engineering Personnel
  • Document Control Staffing and Services
  • Turnaround and Shutdown Inspection Support
  • Project/Construction Management Support
  • New Construction Project Support
  • Health & Safety Management/Specialists
  • Process Safety Management (PSM) Programs and Implementation
  • ATEX/COMPEX Electrical Inspectors
  • Asset Integrity Inspectors
Pre-Shipment inspection

Pre-Shipment inspection

It is a part of supply chain management and an important and reliable quality control method for checking goods’ quality while clients buy from the suppliers.

It ensures that the production complies with your specifications and/or the terms of your purchase order or letter of credit. The Final Random Inspection (FRI), or Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI), checks finished products when at least 80% of your order has been produced and export-packed. Samples are selected randomly according to standards and procedures. This way the buyer makes sure, he gets the goods he paid for.

Loading Supervisions

Loading Supervisions

Verification during loading and/or unloading operations in order to ensure goods are correctly presented, properly handled and satisfactorily secured for transport, whether it be by container, ship or truck.

Key Benfits
  • Benefit from professional supervision of your products during loading and unloading operations.
  • Ensure your goods are properly handled and secure, whatever the means of transport.
  • Ensure goods are shipped and stored according to good transportation practices.
  • Assure all quality and safety requirements are met.
Project Monitoring

Project Monitoring

Often things do not go as originally planned – no matter, how well prepared the project is. The added pressure on quality, time and costs arising from globalization makes it even more complicated to realize the project’s full potential. Whether your project is for power generation or construction - project monitoring and control are vital for its success.

To help deal with such problems and ensure successful project completion, a project monitoring system can provide support to project owners, engineering companies, insurers and investors by keeping track of all the various activities and giving early warnings of possible challenges and difficulties.

Coordination of all project activities, such as time management, project scope and costs and performance aspects, is essential in order to prevent problems and issues during project execution.

Key Benfits
  • Cost control.
  • Programs and progress, including milestone monitoring.
  • Quality review and control.
  • Detailed reporting, including pictures.
  • Identification of risks, providing early warnings.
  • Supervision during manufacturing and commissioning.
  • Materials testing.
  • Site inspections.
Vendor Assessment, Technical Audit and Suppliers Qualification

Vendor Assessment, Technical Audit and Suppliers Qualification

The vendors and suppliers that you use directly influence the quality of your products. Wherever the industry, we assess the ability of your vendor or supplier to deliver your orders and ensure regulatory compliance. However, as your vendors and suppliers are often based far from your site, verifying their ability to deliver, control the manufacturing processes and ensure the quality of the purchased goods can be difficult for the buyer.

In addition, bottlenecks and weaknesses in production can lead to delays that increase project costs and impact the buyer’s reputation and competitiveness. That is why it is vital to ensure that the vendor is able to deliver the quality needed and that manufacturing processes of the vendors and their subcontractors are in compliance with applicable standards and regulations. Our independent vendor assessment and technical audit services can be carried out anywhere in the world, ensuring that your suppliers and vendors can provide the quality you need.

Therefore, we can support clients with extensive vendor assessment and inspection prior to a potential order and along the whole supply chain. After assessing, we can also qualify suppliers on your behalf.

Key Benfits
  • Assess the ability of your vendor or supplier to deliver your specific orders.
  • Detailed information on potential and existing vendors by conducting an extensive vendor evaluation.
  • Special knowledge and experience in assuring the quality of industrial equipment, machinery, components, products and materials.
  • Make informed decisions using our detailed assessment report.
  • Ensure your suppliers and vendors meet all relevant statutory regulations and quality standards.
Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)

Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)

Factory acceptance test ensure your equipment has been completed to the required quality and meets all contractual specifications.

The supervision of those tests determines whether your equipment operates as intended and meets all contractual specifications.

Industrial Components Testing

Industrial Components Testing

Efficiency and durability of Industrial components can be a critical point when selecting the right supplier or during the control of certain product or industrial component fabrication.

From OCA Group and through a wide network of labs around the world we coordinate all kind of product and component testing integrating them perfectly with any other inspection activities performed during its supply chain phase as Vendor Shop Inspection or Expediting.

We test and certify any kind of product or component (electrical, electromechanical, etc.) under any given international standard.

We can help owners and EPC during their supply chain process to make sure the quality of their purchases meets their demands in all aspects. From selecting the right supplier or supervising the fabrication to testing the product or component.

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