Welding Procedures and Welders Qualification

Welding codes and standards address all aspects of design and fabrication of welded components, including welding procedure specifications, quality control and quality assurance during welding and necessary welding skills for a given welding procedure in all industry sectors. The relevant code is often specified by the end user or client as a contractual agreement in order to control the characteristics of the welded components that may affect the service requirements. Compliance to these welding codes is therefore a must.

In cases involving pressure vessels, compliance to welding codes for different product standards is even a prerequisite to obtain the necessary pressure vessel certification. Without this, you will not be allowed to place your product onto the market.

Our welding inspectors are aware of what codes or standards are applicable in a certain area and understand the requirements of the relevant document. We can perform various qualification and testing services in order to verify that the welder or welding operator is capable of making welds within the scope of that standard or that the instructions in the welding procedure specifications are accurate.

We provide qualification of welders and welding procedures for welding compliance with the American Welding Society (AWS) API test on welds and guidelines from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Diverse pressure vessel regulations in Europe, such as PED, TPED, SPVD or the German pressure vessel code AD 2000-Merkblatt, ISO 3834, EN 1090, EN 15085, or DIN 2303.

In order to achieve an accurate welding procedure specification, we help you to develop and assess welding procedures on a qualification weld. The qualification weld is then inspected by the following mechanical and non-mechanical destructive tests in preparation of the procedure qualification report (WPQR):

Different strength testing such as tensile strength testing and proof load testing.

  • Bend testing.
  • Macro etching.
  • Charpy impact testing.
  • Metallurgical analysis.
  • Hardness testing.
  • Slow bend testing.
  • Rolling load testing.
  • Material fatigue testing.
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