Solar energy

Solar energy OCA

Solar energy is one of the fastest growing energy sources in the world. In this new, complex and rapidly growing sector, we provide customized solutions to meet your individual organization’s needs, whether for photovoltaic (PV) or concentrated solar power (CSP). OCA Group covers the full project lifecycle. From design to operation; we can guide and assist you in every step.

From OCA Group we are specialists in Solar Thermal CSP projects having a large experience and knowledge about all the issues and particularities around it. We have developed systems, tools and procedures to save time and money to our clients by gaining in efficiency.

Trusting in OCA Group when talking about solar projects is having peace of mind. With OCA, you will never walk alone.

Solar energy OCA

We can provide

Non- Destructive Testing (NDT)

Non- Destructive Testing (NDT)

With extensive experience in performing shop and on-site NDT for CSP solar plants during the construction and commissioning phase both in the solar fields and in the power blocks, we can offer you with customized Non-Destructive Testing services and solutions including:

  • Radiographic Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing Phased Array
  • Visual Inspection
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing

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CSP and PV Supplier Quality Programs

CSP and PV Supplier Quality Programs

Ensure the manufacturing quality of components, mirrors and panels for your Concentrated Solar Power and Photovoltaic projects is definitely critical to the solar plant’s future performance.

From OCA Group, we can provide tailor-made inspection programs of your suppliers to ensure the manufacturing quality of mechanical/electrical components, metallic structures, PV panels, mirrors, CSP receivers, tubes and piping to ensure on-time delivery.

Our Supplier Quality Programs for Concentrated Solar and Photovoltaic Projects may include:

  • Complete factory audits.
  • Dimensional checks and controls.
  • Visual Inspections.
  • Assembly checks.
  • Maximum Power Determination according to IEC 61215.
  • Test witnessing at manufacturing sites.
  • Documentation review: quality management system certificates, material certificates, flash test protocols, etc.
  • Packaging inspection.
  • Worldwide vendor inspection and expediting of PV panels, mirrors, steel structures, steam turbines, generators, boilers, electrical and control equipment, transformers, cooling systems, etc.
  • Pre-shipment Inspections (loading supervision, quantity check, condition check).
  • Worldwide expediting services.
  • Technical assessment of vendors and suppliers.
  • Design review.
  • CE marking, ASME, PED and IBR services.
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).
Certification of CSP Components

Certification of CSP Components

Our different product CSP Certifications ensure that each component not only follows but also surpasses the highest quality standards demanded by the main EPC and project owners in Industry.

Our standards are designed under the most demanding European standards by our “in-house” technical department with extensive experience in industrial renewable energy projects.

Our Certifications include:

  • Complete Certification Procedure.
  • Manufacturing and Quality System Requirements.
  • Environmental Requirements.
  • Factory Audit.
  • Sampling.
  • Testing.

Main Advantages:

  • Independent Third Party Assessment.
  • We guarantee that your components follow the higher quality standards and requirements in industry.
  • Regarding quality standards, we will be your face in front of main EPC’s and Property.
  • We help in building trust between sellers and buyers.
  • Show off your commitment to quality.
  • Use our stamp as a differentiation tool.
  • We are a trusted and recognized European certification company.

We offer CSP certification for:

  • HTF Tubes.
  • Parabolic Mirrors.
  • Heliostat Mirrors.
  • Molten Salts.
  • Mechanical Components.
Solar Energy Project Assistance

Solar Energy Project Assistance

Whether your project is a Photovoltaic (PV) plant or a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant, our technical specialists can help you in multiple needs and countries around the world including:

  • Permitting and Siting.
  • Safety and code compliance plan review of all systems and installations, according to applicable local and international codes.
  • Construction plan review.
  • Foundations calculation verification.
  • Geotechnical studies.
Solar Plant Construction Conformity Assessment

Solar Plant Construction Conformity Assessment

As a recognized third party, and through our multidisciplinary team, we are able to offer a full range of solar conformity assessment services, including:

  • Plan review of systems and subsystems
  • Site inspection during construction for civil, mechanical and electrical installations.
  • Certification of equipment and installations (as notified body for many European Directives).
  • Project Management assistance
  • Sub-contractors audits
  • Quality, Health and Safety coordination
  • Material Testing
  • Training
Solar Performance Testing for Final Acceptance

Solar Performance Testing for Final Acceptance

Our independent third-party final acceptance services will help you ensure that solar plants meet all specifications, in terms of design, regulations and performance, including:

  • Design review.
  • Local code compliance.
  • Assistance in commissioning.
  • Final acceptance tests for Photovoltaic (PV) installations.
  • Final acceptance tests for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) installations.
  • Complete inspection of the facility for final acceptance.
  • Permitting documentation review.
  • Witnessing of commissioning.
In-Service Verification for Solar Plants in Operation

In-Service Verification for Solar Plants in Operation

We help owners and operators in the conformity assessment of their equipment and installations, including:

  • Pressure equipment.
  • Electrical Installations.
  • High, mid and low voltage installations.
  • Cranes and lifting equipment.
  • Fire protection systems.
  • Chemical products.
  • Gas systems.
Tailor-made Services for Your Operating Solar Plants

Tailor-made Services for Your Operating Solar Plants

For in-operation or new solar plants, we can assist you with complete advisory services as well as adapted inspection strategies, including:

  • Assistance to maintenance program verification: review and assessment of quality control plans and subcontractors.
  • Maintenance sub-contractor audits.
  • Safety and environmental audits.
Technical Due Diligence for Solar Plants

Technical Due Diligence for Solar Plants

Our Technical Due Diligence services support owners and investors during acquisitions or any other transaction involving a change of ownership including:

  • Analysis of the permitting documentation and licenses.
  • Grid connection.
  • Local code compliance review.
  • Assets condition (structures, panels, mirrors, boilers, tanks piping, etc.).
  • Review of certification documents of installations and main equipment.
  • End of warranty asset inspections.
On-Site Quality Control of Photovoltaic Modules

On-Site Quality Control of Photovoltaic Modules

Photovoltaic modules are responsible of converting the sun energy in electric power, so their importance in a PV project is essential. The success of the project depends directly on the performance of the modules, so it is necessary to implement a good quality control of the modules in the different stages of the Quality Assurance Program.

We can perform on-site testing of PV modules through a customized on-site PV Mobile Lab to perform the following tests:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Peak Power Determination in STC
  • Electrical Insulation
  • Infrared Thermography Inspection
  • Electroluminescence Imaging/Test

The fact of having a mobile lab should not mean lower quality or higher uncertainty of the results but keep the same quality level of tests than a stationary laboratory. In order to guarantee the maximum quality of the works, the mobile labs are operated by technical staff from a ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory.

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